Live edge furniture

Live edge furniture is very unique and beautiful, each piece unlike any other. The grain pattern, the edges, the knots, all are unique to each slab. They are massive pieces of wood and are very sturdy (and heavy).

Our custom ordering service works great for slab tables; we start by deciding on an approximate size that best suits your needs, after which we send you photos of in stock slabs to choose from. You can also choose between several styles of legs in wood or iron at this time.

Once the slab is chosen, it is sent to the treatment facility for pest control and proper kiln dry, which takes approximately one month.

After the treatment, the slab is finished, adding stain if desired.

Your table is packaged and sent to join the rest of our container to ship directly to Tokyo port. We will, of course, deliver to your doorstep.

The whole process usually takes between 2.5-3 months, including shipping, after you have chosen the slab of your liking.

international shipping is also possible for an additional fee.

Contact us today to start your order!

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